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Technology For Good?

AI Decoded is your go-to source for news and analysis on the fascinating world of artificial intelligence. Our team is committed to delivering accurate and informative reporting on the latest developments in machine learning, robotics, and AI. 


Our new programme AI Decoded is being watched by millions of viewers on YouTube.


It's a half hour weekly appointment on BBC News, tracking all the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence.


Each week, in the company of the programme's resident experts, we dedicate a panel discussion to a particular theme; we have covered defence, health, climate, trade, generative AI, robotics, regulation and much more besides. 


Only a small minority of people in the United Kingdom and around the world are currently working on or with this new technology despite the rapid advances we are seeing.


The aim of AI Decoded is to break down some of those barriers, while at the same time introducing the audience to new ways they can use it.

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